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Uplink's creative team consists of a wide variety of professionals. From photographers to audio engineers, we can provide you with a team perfectly fit for your project or event.







Buddah Tek

Buddah Tek, a luxury video gaming accessory company, approached Uplink for their social media advertisement, website, online store, and product photography. Uplink completed these in three months over the course of five carefully orchestrated shoots and intense web design. The brand succesfully launched at E3 in June.

Uplink creatives used:

Photographer, Videographer, Models (6), Web Designer

The LA Fashion Magazine

A prestigous magazine in the fashion industry, LAFM has used Uplink creatives repeatedly over the past two years for various photo and video campaigns with their clients. In 2018, four of their covers were shot by our in-house photographer Eli Taylor, as were multiple promotional videos.

Uplink creatives used:

Photographer, Videographer

Fight Clvb

Fight Clvb is an internationally-recognized electronic DJ duo and frequent client of Uplink. Our media team recently shot for Fightclvb at EDC Mexico and Sway In The Morning. Fightclvb and Uplink have also partnered with various clothing brands for street-style shoots in New York City that have gained extensive attention on social media.

Uplink creatives used:

Photographers (2), Videographer (2)

Talon Athletics

Talon Athletics is a gaga ball rental company and glove manufacturer based out of White Plains, NY. They partnered with us for an ongoing photo/video marketing campaign as well as DJ services for their events. Talon is a great example of how Uplink assists small businesses in creating a more professional online image.

Uplink creatives used:

Photographer, Videographer

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Uplink's priority is making your booking experience seamless. We utilize a custom-built notification system to assemble our creatives for your project or event in a calculated, swift manner. We typically assemble teams in less than 48 hours.


Uplink's booking team handles the coordination and collaboration of our creatives on a project or event. This includes scheduling, equipment, transportation, editing of media, and other logistical obstabcles that are difficult to tackle without experienced professionals.


Uplink takes pride in the polite, respectful manner in which our creatives perform their work. Our team has been carefully vetted for professionalism.

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